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Pillar NO vote in EA ballot

Pillar NO vote in EA ballot – July 2016 (PDF version)

The PSA is recommending a ‘NO’ vote to staff in next week’s ballot.

A link to our flyer is HERE.

A link to our counter proposal is HERE.

On 21 July, the PSA met with Pillar staff in Coniston to discuss the reasons we are advocating a ‘NO’ vote in the ballot for the enterprise agreement, which opens at midnight on Sunday 24 July – effectively Monday of next week.

At the meeting, members raised concerns that we would like to address as follows:

Management has stated a new employer can come in and strip out conditions. This is incorrect. A new employer can attempt to do this if we are still negotiating the agreement. However, the PSA and Pillar have agreed to all conditions in the proposed new enterprise agreement except the length of the agreement. If a new employer came in and attempted to deny that Pillar had agreed to these conditions, we would consider that a breach of good faith bargaining provisions.

Also remember that the sale legislation guarantees these conditions for two years.

So again, management are being economical with the truth about what can happen when a new employer comes in.

As a project, Eleanor will not be finalised for quite some time. Members need to be around to see it through to fruition and you need to know that your conditions are protected while you do.

The Government said they couldn’t give us more than 12 months until we lodged a protected action ballot order in the Fair Work Commission. A ‘NO’ vote gets us back to the Commission. The Government clearly doesn’t want us to go there so what will they give us this time? We have given them a compromise position of three years with 2.5 percent, 2.5 percent and 2 percent pay rises. They have not said no to this. They are going away to think about it. A ‘NO’ vote gives them an incentive to say yes to the three years.

A ‘NO’ vote locks in your pay rises. Not voting ‘NO’ will expose you and your colleagues to the possibility of a significantly reduced pay claim (if at all) in two years time.

If you are not a member, please consider joining. We need your voices to make us strong enough to support you through the hard times. Be loud, be proud, be union. And vote ‘NO’.

Contact Lee Coulton at or Phoebe Dangerfield at

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