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Pillar Privatisation

Pillar Privatisation – May 2016 (PDF version)

The legislation to privatise Pillar Administration was introduced into Parliament on 3 May 2016. The PSA expects it to be debated next week.

Despite assurances last year Pillar would remain in the Illawarra region, we now know the time period for that guarantee is limited. Furthermore, no mention of privatising Pillar was made prior to the NSW election last year.

The sale is to occur in the second half of this year. The legislation gives an employment guarantee for staff of two years.

The PSA is opposing privatisation. Along with Unions NSW, we are lobbying Members of Parliament (MPs) to vote against the legislation. In the event MPs vote to privatise Pillar, we seek they give staff employment guarantees – job security and entitlements – for five years. The PSA is also seeking a transfer payment for members of 30 weeks.

Our claim for protections includes all members, irrespective of whether or not they are under the Enterprise Agreement.

Please note the Government does not have a majority in the upper house. Therefore the PSA and Unions NSW are lobbying all political parties in that chamber.

As members are also aware we have been in the process of Enterprise Bargaining. We have been attempting to achieve a four- year agreement, being the maximum under the Fair Work Act.

At the last bargaining meeting with Pillar management, the PSA made the position of members clear. That is that an offer for a one-year agreement is not good enough. Pillar management agreed to relay this to the Wages Policy Taskforce and Treasury.

The PSA will also be writing to Treasury to inform them of our position and seek that they reconsider.

The PSA will have a members’ meeting at 12:30, Thursday 12 May at the Level 6 conference room. This meeting is a work time meeting.

We will keep members informed.

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