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Pillar update

Pillar update – July 2016 (PDF version)

PSA pushes for a three-year agreement

The PSA continues to negotiate with Pillar management, NSW Industrial Relations and NSW Treasury to obtain a three-year agreement for all Pillar employees.

We know from the history of privatisation that private sector employers which buy government businesses often attack conditions. This is why the PSA is seeking an agreement with a longer term.

At a meeting with the PSA a few weeks ago, NSW Treasury and NSW Industrial Relations were adamant they could not improve their offer of 2.5 percent and a 12-month agreement.

After the PSA took a proposed ballot order to Fair Work Australia, the Treasury improved its offer to a two-year agreement.

We surveyed members before and after this offer and members voted ‘No’. Further, at the members’ meetings at Wollongong and Sydney, members supported a ‘No’ vote to the two-year agreement, pushing instead for a three-year agreement.

The PSA recommends staff vote ‘No’ to the proposed agreement and push for a longer agreement to protect conditions.

The PSA met with NSW Industrial Relations this week. We have put our position for a longer agreement and for the Wages Policy Taskforce (WPT) to remove barriers to this.

The proposal for a there-year agreement includes the following wage increases:

Year 1:           2.5%

Year 2:           2.5%

Year 3:           2%

The PSA is following up with NSW Industrial Relations and we will also follow up with the NSW Treasurer’s office. The PSA’s letter of offer can be seen HERE.

We will continue to push for a three-year agreement to protect the interests of Pillar employees. In the meantime, we ask you to vote ‘No’ to Pillar’s proposed two-year agreement next week and talk to your colleagues.

The ballot for the staff Enterprise Agreement opens on Monday 25 July 2016.

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