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Police Radio – PSA Joint Communications Consultative Council Update

Update - March 2021 (PDF version)

Recently your PSA Radio Delegates and PSA staff met with Acting Commander Insp. Dale Atterby to discuss current issues and upcoming changes to the ROG Command.

The following issues were discussed:

  • Delegates raised concerns that TZ calls from non-western postcodes were coming directly to ROG when Tuggerah operators were busy, but Lithgow operators were free. Mr Atterby stated that this was not generally the case, or if it was, it was unavoidable, as arrangements for TZ presentation are hard-wired. Calls present via postcode to the nearest Police Link Centre (Tuggerah or Lithgow) and if no persons are available, are routed to a Radio Centre. This is covered under a document titled “TZ Strategy”. We have requested a copy of this document to allow us to further explore the issue.
  • Mr Atterby advised that Despatch SOPs are currently being re-written, including a new checklist.
  • Delegates asked for information about the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out. Mr Atterby advised that there is no vaccine news at this stage. The PSA will be sending out a bulletin about the issue once we have more information.
  • Mr Atterby agreed with the PSA’s position that airtime measurements were not reflective of workload. The PSA submitted that there was a consensus from supervisors that 40 minutes per hour represented an absolute maximum. We requested that 40 minutes be declared extremely busy and that no channels would merge/run alpha at that air time, but Mr Atterby would not commit to creating rules around workload.
  • We reminded Mr Atterby of the rules around Medical Certificates and the need to have them and how they can only be demanded where there have been more than five unsupported absences in the same calendar year. Mr Atterby stated that all actions taken by the Command have been in accordance with policy and invited the PSA to raise any apparent breaches of the Award with his office.
  • Upcoming changes in ROG were touched on, but no details were officially available yet. Mr Atterby reiterated that all plans are medium- to long-term and that no one will be worse off under any changes. The Command committed to consultation.

If you have questions or wish to be more involved, contact your local delegate or your PSA organiser Glenn Duncan at .

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