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POVB bulletin

 POVB bulletin – April 2018 (PDF version)


Goulburn CC

Goulburn/HRMU is currently working on its proposal. After the initial presentation CSNSW has stated instead of two separate centres, Goulburn and HRMU it will be one centre.

CSNSW also stated that if it took reception inmates it would increase the staffing profile so the benchmarking committee is looking at that.

Natalie is down there today assisting them through the process.

Long Bay MSPC 1-4 and Long Bay Hospital 1-2

As per the Industrial Relations Commission, the benchmarking committees are sitting again and looking at the proposals. CSNSW has got Director Glen Scholes assisting in the process.

There is an inspection to be conducted by Commissioner Murphy on 18 May, 2018. We have asked members to raise all their concerns at this inspection so the Commissioner gets clear indication of the safety concerns members have with the deletion of staff.

The date of the visit may change to 16 May – we will let members know when this is confirmed.

Information on how the inspection went will be put out in a bulletin.

South Coast Correctional Centre

When we directed back to work by the Industrial Relations Commission, Commissioner Murphy did listen to the concerns that were raised by PSA that the job cuts were a risk to safety and this could be proven in centres that have already gone through the benchmarking process.

Due to the concerns that PSA raised Commissioner Murphy will be attending South Coast Correctional to look at the impact the job cuts have caused to staff safety in that centre. This inspection will be conducted on 16 May, 2018.

The date of the visit may change to 18 May – we will let members know when this is confirmed.

Information on how the inspection went will be put out in a bulletin.


These four centres are working on their proposals and the feedback is positive coming out of those centres.

RIT Court Locations

We have reported previously that we lodged our concerns in the Industrial Relations Commission re the Policy on RITS in Court locations.

There will be an inspection this Thursday 26 April, 2018 by Commissioner Murphy at Amber Laurel to look at the issues that we have raised.

Information on how the inspection went will be put out in a bulletin.

Assault Committees

For more than 10 months we have raised in many forums that we want assault committees to be conducted in every centre/court location after a staff member has been assaulted.

Finally CSNSW have moved on this issue. Click HERE to read CSNSW correspondence.

There is a meeting organised for 2 May to address this issue and to review the policy.

After the meeting further information will be placed in a bulletin.

Again, can the State Executive be contacted when a member is assaulted in the workplace.

Sight or Sound Policy

As previously communicated in our Award is sight or sound, yet we have no policy on this issue. This issue has been raised in many forums and from this we have a meeting set for 2 May, 2018.

After the meeting further information will be placed in a bulletin.


Through the COPP process many issues were raised that the COPP doesn’t take into account the court locations. We are addressing these issues, especially the issuing of medication to new receptions in country court locations. A policy should be coming out as soon as practicable.

Transfer lists

Previously we have communicated that transfer lists will be closing as of 30 April, 2018. CSNSW have communicated this also. This is reminder to all members, who are permanent/probationary, and would like to place their name on a list to do so before 30 April, 2018.

These lists will be kept until they are exhausted.

Delegates to Management Meeting

The meeting was meant to take place in June. However, the Commissioner will be on holidays. We have stated we want to meet with the Commissioner so it has been moved to July. The meeting dates have always been two days at PSA for delegates to discuss and collate issues to present to CSNSW. Then we meet with CSNSW management on the third day.

CSNSW can only accommodate a meeting with us and the Commissioner on the second day, which is 31 July, 2018. We have written to CSNSW stating we still want the third day. As yet we have not had any answer back. We will not accept anything less than the three days for our delegates to meet.

Once we have further information we will put it out in the next bulletin.

Prisoner transport

The Police Association dispute about prisoner transport was back in the Industrial Relations Commission on Friday 20 April 2017. The PSA was represented.

Weekly meetings are being held to discuss the issue and there will be fortnightly appearances at the IRC to report back on progress. The POVB/PSA position is the Government will have to fully fund any change to the current operations. Trials are apparently being planned in the Newcastle and Forbes regions as well as a change to s33 of the Mental Health Act.

We don’t have any more information on the details of these at the moment but we will pass on information as soon as we get it.

The IRC Order preventing the Police Association taking industrial action is in place until 16 June 2018 so current arrangements will continue until then or a new system is introduced. At the hearing the PSA put it on the record that the POVB/PSA must be involved in implementing any changes if the government wants avoid more industrial disputes.

David McCauley and Jason Charlton attended a meeting with the Police Association, the Police Force and the Department of Justice on 24 April 2018.

Contact Details

  • Nicole Jess – Chairperson
    0427 609 199
  • Jason Charlton – Vice Chairperson
    0401 500 976
  • Thor Sutherland – Country Chairperson
    0447 633 476
  • Natalie Howes – Secretary
    0407 011 441
  • Darren King – Assistant Secretary
    0407 935 039

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