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POVB bulletin and survey: Overseers and overtime

Bulletin and Survey - Aug 2020 (PDF version)

For many years CSNSW Overseers have been on the overtime call-in lists behind Custodial Officers.

At the June 2019 Delegates to Management (DTM) meeting, the country delegate for Overseers raised a Motion to have Overseers included in the call-in sequence for overtime, amongst Custodial Officers.

This was heavily discussed and the motion was defeated.

In June 2020 at MSPC 1-3, the local POVB sub-branch union meeting received a Motion to have Overseers placed in with Custodial Officers for overtime and the Motion was passed.

It has been stated to the POVB Executive that Overseers were previously part of the Custodial overtime, but it then reverted to the current state-wide practice.

Even though the MSPC 1-3 sub branch has voted to have overseers placed in with the Custodial Officers, this would go against the June 2019 DTM motion. The DTM is the governing body of the POVB as per the POVB rules.

For any change to the current practice it would need to go back to the DTM for change.

CSI management put a proposal to Assistant Commissioner Corcoran to have the changes made through CSNSW HR/IR. HR/IR has written to the POVB Executive and asked what is the current position and we wrote back what the outcome of the June 2019 position was. There has been no further communication with CSNSW on the matter.

There was conjecture in regards to what Overseers are to be paid. It has been confirmed that SOSs will be paid at SOS or OS at time and a half or double time specific to their shift and hours worked. For SOSs and OSs under an island award, it is paid at the flat rate of overtime.

CSI states it was a POVB decision many years back. However, we cannot find anything to prove that.

It was reported to the POVB Executive that there was an inconsistent approach around the state in centres. We contacted the OSU and it put together a report, which shows there is a consistent approach in the majority of centres that Overseers are at the back of the overtime call-in sequence. It shows that vacant Overseer positions are filled by Overseers in the first instance.

At the July 2020 DTM it was passed unanimously to have an electronic vote to all POVB members as to whether Overseers are to be placed with custodial staff, rather than at the back of the overtime list.

This means that filling vacancies would be carried out in the following way:

  • Casuals called in the first instance
  • Custodial staff
  • Overseers
  • Double Shifts Custodial
  • Double Shifts Overseers

Motion to members:

I agree for Overseers to being placed into the Centre overtime list with Custodial Officers and not at the back. 

I do not agree for Overseers to be placed into the Centre overtime list with Custodial Officers and they should be at the back. 

Please vote using the survey monkey link below:


Survey closes Friday, 25 September 2020.

Please note that you will be required to enter your membership number to vote. You will find your membership number next to your name at the top of the bulletin.



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