POVB bulletin – Chiefs and Principals

POVB bulletin – Chiefs and Principals – September 2017 (PDF version)

As some of you may be aware, a rule change was passed by the PSA Executive and PSA Central Council to move Chiefs and Principals (the equivalent of Executives) to the COVB instead of coming under the POVB. Under the Kempsey, Dillwynia and Wellington Award, Chiefs and Principals were part of the POVB which was an anomaly as it had Executives and the staff they supervise in the same branch. This rule change now has all Executive members in the COVB.

This was not an award change and there is no change to the conditions or salaries of POVB or COVB members. It is only a change to the PSA branch that members have representing them.

In previous meetings (DTMs and discussions with delegates/members), it has been said by many that it has not been cohesive or effective to have POVB meetings with managers present.

Members have also said they do not feel they can raise managerial issues in meetings when those managers are also present.

When John Morony was kept in public hands, it came under the Kempsey, Dillwynia and Wellington Award. The problem of having managers in meetings and the possibility of moving them across to the COVB was discussed with the COVB Executive and the COVB agreed it would suit both branches. The COVB and POVB are represented by different PSA staff so there is no cross-over in representation.

Existing members of the POVB Legal Fund remain in the fund and those who moved to the COVB are eligible to stand for election and vote in the upcoming COVB election.

Unfortunately, there was communication with Wellington, Dillwynia and John Morony but not the MNCC. I take full responsibility for the lack of communication. I have already put out a bulletin with that apology.

Questions have been asked why we did not have a POVB-wide survey as we did with including John Morony under the Kempsey, Dillwynia and Wellington Award. The problem with this is that the majority of POVB members would be voting on a decision that did not directly affect them. There was a vote for John Morony as it changed the conditions members worked under, but this coverage change does not change conditions.

This change was done for the betterment of the POVB and COVB and to ensure that there are clear lines between the POVB and the COVB, between Executives and other staff.

Already CSNSW have tried to blur the lines by wanting to get SCOs to stand on parade at the new Macquarie centre, also the subject of a previous bulletin.

I take full responsibility for the lack of communication. I did stand on transparency and I have learnt from this. I will say that this was not done to hide or deceive members and I believe myself and the team have proven that we work tirelessly for the betterment of the POVB.


Nicole Jess

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