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POVB Bulletin John Morony update

POVB Bulletin John Morony update – 15 June 2017 (PDF Version)

Today, PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little and Industrial Manager Justice, Evan Cole met with CSNSW Assistant Commissioner Kevin Corcoran and Gayle Robson.

In this meeting, keeping John Morony in public hands was discussed.

It was made clear that PSA would not be agreeing to a third award for Correctional Officers.

It was also made clear that there are safety concerns regarding the weekend staffing when all inmates are not working and the overseers are not present.

On Monday, John Morony delegates will meet with POVB Industrial Advocate David McCauley, Vice Chairperson POVB Jason Charlton and myself.

At this meeting the above issues will be addressed and a letter with the concerns and how they could possibly be rectified will be sent to CSNSW.

David, Jason and I will then meet with John Morony members on Tuesday to discuss what is tabled to CSNSW.

Let me make it clear this process is not just about finding money to keep it in public hands, it is about safety and security of all staff that will work in the centre.

-Chairperson POVB Nicole Jess. 

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