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POVB Bulletin – June 2018

POVB Bulletin – June 2018 (pdf version)

Firearms and Tactical Meeting

The POVB State Executive attended a meeting to address the issue of Firearm recertification. As many of you would be aware, it has become increasingly difficult to be recertified due to the shooting ranges we use being unavailable.

The John Morony shooting range is being upgraded. CSNSW is looking at all locations that have new builds, constructing a shooting range on locations such as the South Coast Correctional Centre, Cessnock Correctional Centre and Mid North Coast Correctional Centre. Nothing is confirmed yet, but the issue is being addressed. This has happened at Wellington and it is working well for that location.

A trial of body worn cameras is soon to be conducted by IAT at a selection of Correctional Centres.

Once we have more information we will put it out in another bulletin.


South Coast Correctional Centre

Consultation took place over several weeks to review the implementation and the issues that have been raised due to benchmarking. This process was extremely successful to break down barriers that had occurred between COVB and POVB. Communication between all parties has improved and POVB feel that their issues have been listened to and addressed. Changes have been made to some practices and there will be another review in a month’s time.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the delegates of that centre, especially Liz Reid and Graeme Reid. This came about by their constant efforts in highlighting the issues in that centre and standing up for better and safer practices for all staff.


Goulburn is still going through the first phase of benchmarking. A proposal has not been finished yet to put to the staff but once it has and numbers have been looked at we will put that out in a bulletin. They have sub branch meeting next Tuesday and members of the Executive will be present.


The MRRC will be presented with their benchmarking document (numbers) on 29 June, 2018. The executive will be present for this meeting. We will support the members of that centre, as we have done with previous centres.

Long Bay – MSPC 1-4 and Long Bay Hospital ½

There was further consultation after the strike last month. Through this consultation there has been a considerable increase in numbers for both centres compared to the documents first presented to members.

CSNSW will be sending PSA the final documents in the coming days.


Further consultation over benchmarking took place at Cessnock 1 & 2. After two meetings, a figure for the centre has been accepted. CSNSW will write to PSA once the documentation has been completed.


The COPP has gone live. However, we encourage members to read the policies to see if any changes need to take place. CSNSW will look at all feedback and make changes if required.

There is a training package on COPP and this is mandatory for all staff to complete.


Berrima had a meeting last week and staff were informed the centre was going to be changed to female inmates.

CSNSW put forward a proposal that meant that additional staff would be required for the centre. These increases will be filled by the transfer list and will be for female staff only, due to the 70/30 ratio of female to male staff.

Staff from Berrima are coming up to look at SWCC to get advice and get any ideas from that centre next week.

The executive will support the members through the process.

Casuals to Permanent

There has been some confusion for members that have been made permanent after January 2018.

When CSNSW changed the staffing formula from 209 to 195 we raised with CSNSW that the number of shifts that casuals needed to complete to be started at a higher commencing salary when made permanent needed to be reviewed.

Through these discussions the amount of shifts were changed from 247 to 218.

Unfortunately when these rules were changed the rules could not be back dated for the staff appointed to permanency prior to January 2018.

Many members believed that if they were given a six-month probationary period then after that their increment would be looked at. Increments are done on a 12-month basis. This has never been changed.

The changes now mean that if you have done 218 shifts from the day you ceased your primary training and you have completed the Cert III then once appointed to permanent you will commence at a higher rate of salary.

Casual Correctional Officer Policy

CSNSW is in the process of consulting with the POVB on Policy and Guidelines for Casual and Temporary Correctional Officers. The policy is currently in draft format and the POVB State Executive is in consultation with the PSA Industrial Staff to ensure that all information contained in the policy complies with award conditions and the GSE.

Contact details

Nicole Jess – Chairperson
0427 609 199

Jason Charlton – Vice Chairperson
0401 500 976

Thor Sutherland – Country Chairperson
0447 633 476

Natalie Howes – Secretary
0407 011 441

Darren King – Assistant Secretary
0407 935 039

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