POVB bulletin - MRRC - Public Service Association

POVB bulletin – MRRC

POVB bulletin – MRRC – August 2017 (PDF version)

This week the final three members went before the District Court of Appeal regarding charges they were found guilty on in February 2017.

All three members were found not guilty on appeal. This means all eight members who were charged by police have been found not guilty and one member had a no bill due to no evidence.

This is a great week for all nine members and for POVB/PSA and the legal fund. I would like to thank McNally Jones Staff lawyers for their tireless efforts in representing the members. Also to David McCauley who does his best for us at all times.

I congratulate all nine members in the way they managed themselves during this extremely stressful and difficult time in their lives. This whole process has had a major effect on their professional and personal lives. I wish them and their families all the best in their future.

The executive will work with these three members in getting them back to work when they are able to return. I am sure that all prison officers wish them all the best and support them now and into the future.

Nicole Jess
Chair POVB

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