POVB member update - September 2017 - Public Service Association

POVB member update – September 2017

POVB member update – September 2017 (PDF Version)

Cyclic rostering

Members of the Executive had another meeting about this issue and its implementation. Our meetings are about bedding down the business rules and making sure there is flexibility for members. Once the rules are to a standard for presentation, we will put it out to the membership for consultation and input.


We have requested an urgent meeting about vacancies around the state. Most locations are getting to the point where it is getting dangerous; with the majority of staff being casuals and no consistency. We have requested the meeting so there is a uniform approach across all locations that is fair and equitable for casuals to become permanent. Transfer lists need to be activated, too.

We also need to keep in mind benchmarking is not finalised, so not all vacancies can be filled.

As we get more information we will put it out to the membership.

Delegates to Management meeting

We are in the process of negotiating our second Delegates to Management meeting in November. It was initially denied but we have sought further negotiation on the matter. Possible action or lodging a dispute in the IRC will be considered if it is not approved.

Mental health

PSA General Secretary Stewart Little, David McCauley and myself attended the Respect your Mental Health conference put on for Correctional Officers by the Western Australian Prison Officer Union. It was extremely informative and this is a topic I am very passionate about. Statistics show prison officers in the US and Canada are at 33 per cent risk of suicide compared to the average person, which is under 10 per cent.

The PSA has formulated a package called Safe Together: Care and Resilience. This can be presented at the workplace or at PSA House. I encourage as many members and delegates to do the training. If it can help one member in the workplace, it is well worth it.

PSA members are entitled to 12 training days every two years. Listed below are courses members and delegates may find relevant.

Public Speaking – 10 October, 2017

Achieving Workplace Flexibility –  18 October, 2017

Safer Together: Care and Resilience – 26 October and 16 November, 2017

Role of the Delegate: 2 day course – 31 October and 1 November, 5 and 6 December 2017

Dealing with Workplace Bullying – 10 November 2017

Dealing with Restructures – 28 November 2017

To apply for the courses go to the PSA website click on Resources, then Training then you click on the link for the Application Form.

Members who have done these courses have told us they are informative and beneficial for the workplace.

Nicole Jess,


If anyone has any issues and they wish to contact us our details are:

Nicole Jess, Chairperson – 0427 609 199

Jason Charlton, Vice Chairperson – 0401 500 967

Thor Sutherland, Country Chairperson – 0447 633 476

Natalie Howes, Secretary – 0407 011 441

Darren King, Assistant Secretary – 0407 935 039


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