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POVB: National Corrections Day

POVB Nat Correctives Day - Jan 2021

Every year National Corrections Day recognises the tough work Correctional Officers do in our prisons.

Our members go to work every day in some of the most dangerous work environments in the state, all to protect the community and give offenders a chance at rehabilitation.

There are few workplaces where teamwork and camaraderie are so important, and in the past 12 months this cooperation has paid off, with the professionalism of our Prison Officers keeping COVID-19 out of the state’s prisons. This included quarantining new inmates and setting up a dedicated field hospital that ensured any COVID outbreaks would not affect the state’s health system.

Our members’ exemplary work has been done against a backdrop of hostage situations, riots, assaults and a benchmarking and bed reform process that is adding stress to an already difficult working environment.

This year the PSA/CPSU NSW and Corrective Services NSW have also worked together to address the mental health needs of Corrective Officers throughout the state.

Our prisons play a vital role in protecting the people of NSW and are, in many cases, the lifeblood of regional communities. National Corrections Day is a great chance to acknowledge the hard-working men and women who run them.

Every member should be congratulated and rightly proud of the work they have done in the face of these challenges. You provide a critical service to the state, even if it’s not always as visible to the community as your colleagues in other emergency services.



Stewart Little
General Secretary

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