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Powerhouse Staff relocations paused

Your PSA Delegates and the PSA General Secretary met with the Minister for the Arts and Powerhouse Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer this Monday in a frank exchange of views as to the current proposals for the future of the Powerhouse. Correspondence to the Minister following the meeting can be read HERE.

The Minister obviously has a lot to consider with the previous government’s plans and progress towards them well underway. However, we are pleased to see the staff communication today from the CEO advising that the current plans for staff relocation are on pause.

This decision will help to at least get a clearer understanding for members as to what the future is, particularly for the Ultimo site.

The PSA wishes to acknowledge the work of our Delegates who have been tireless in representing staff views, again this does not mean that change is not going to occur or that staff will not need to relocate at some time in the future but it is our hope that with the direction of the new Government that it will be in a manner more sympathetic to the cultural legacy of the Powerhouse Museum and supportive of staff.

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