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Prison Bed Capacity Adjustment Program

PBCAP - May 2021 (PDF version)

The Prison Bed Capacity Adjustment Program (PBCAP) implementation is moving into its final stages. Most centres are now finalised, with a couple of centres towards the end of the consultation process.

This restructure was instigated by Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) and has resulted in often significant changes at most Correctional Centres across the state.

The PSA recognises that after implementation, there can continue to be issues as the changes take effect. Once the structures have been in place for a couple of months, it should be possible to identify any longer term issues that persist.

Please contact us to advise of the following (or any other issues) that you have not been able to resolve at a local level.

  • Safety If any changes have resulted in new safety issues, these need to be ad-dressed immediately.
  • Workload With the cutting of positions in some centres in line with changes in bed numbers, it’s important to monitor whether the workload is in line with new staffing levels.
  • Accommodation The changes in some centres have resulted in members moving into different offices or using different facilities. It’s important that with any changes you still have the resources and office accommodation to adequately do your job.

In the first instance, resolution of any concerns should be attempted through local management and included in the Issues Register at your centre. If this does not successfully resolve your concern, please contact the PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

Your PSA Industrial staff

Roland Harris Industrial Officer

Chris Auld Organiser

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