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Professional staff take a stand against uni funding squeeze

The Federal Government’s budget cuts to universities announced over the weekend will hit services to students and exacerbate an epidemic of low morale among university staff, the NSW Community and Public Sector Union said today.

“Universities are already engaging in cost-cutting leading to jobs, resources and valuable experience being slashed from departments,” said CPSU Senior Industrial Officer Andrew Holland.

“This is often a false economy, leading to costly and inefficient outsourcing arrangements.

“The effects of these cuts – in particular the efficiency dividend – will put the jobs of university professional staff at risk and increase the already high workloads of remaining staff to intolerable levels, reducing services and support to students.

“While proud of the work they do, there is an epidemic of low morale among university professional staff as they come under increasing pressure to do more with less.

“The CPSU will vigorously oppose any cuts that cut jobs or degrade the educational support and services our members deliver.

“On-going cost-cutting in universities and TAFEs has driven the rise of precarious and insecure employment to record highs within the sector.

“University professional staff refuse to be made the scapegoat for the Gillard government’s public policy failure to properly fund and resource education in Australia.

“We will be consulting with our members state-wide to identify the areas of greatest risk to jobs and services and develop a plan to protect university education in NSW.”

Contact: Andrew Holland 0418 236 867 / Jackie Woods 0414 241 483

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