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PSA calls on Government to honour wage policy after pay win

The Industrial Relations Commission today ruled that the full 2.5% available under the Government’s wages policy be paid to members employed under the Public Sector Salaries and related awards.

An interim increase of 2.27% has already been paid.

Today’s decision by the Commission is available HERE.

The PSA now calls on the Government to accept the Commission’s decision and honour its own wages policy and pay the full 2.5%.

In April, the PSA applied to the Industrial Relations Commission for a 2.5% salary increase to commence from 1 July 2013.

This is the maximum allowed, without trade-offs, under the Government’s unfair wages policy.

In May, the Government suddenly announced its intention to use the Federal Government’s 0.25% increase to the Superannuation Guarantee Contribution (SGC) as an excuse to reduce the pay of public sector workers.

The PSA argued against this in the Industrial Relations Commission and won.

In response, the Government immediately moved to change the law and introduce a regulation to ensure the salary increase would be discounted by the 0.25%.

The regulation was voted down.

Despite earlier written assurances, the O’Farrell Government decided that the 2.27% rise was enough.

The PSA appeared before Industrial Relations Commission President, Justice Boland on 6 September and asked that the Commission award the full 2.5% increase.

In deciding to allow the Government to run its arguments, Justice Boland acknowledged that the Commission was required to take economic circumstances into account.

The Government’s argument against a further increase was heard by the Commission on 13 and 28 November.

The PSA and Unions NSW funded expert economic evidence to support the application for the full 2.5% increase.

We will keep members updated on the Government’s next move.

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