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PSA directs Special Constables work to rule from 20 August

PSA directs Special Constables work to rule from 20 August (pdf version)

Over the past 14 months, the PSA and your workplace delegates have worked hard to negotiate in good faith with NSW Police and finalise an appropriate settlement regarding the evaluation of the capability levels in the Role Description for Special Constables.

The PSA views the internal evaluation assessment by NSW Police as unfair and inadequate. To describe all the capabilities in the Role Description as “foundational” is completely insulting.

If NSW Police genuinely valued the work undertaken by Special Constables, it would properly evaluate and remunerate the role.

The “foundational” levels severely restrict the scope of your role as Special Constables, limiting your authorisation to make autonomous decisions whilst working in accordance with the documentation.

In recent hearings in the Industrial Relations Commission, NSW Police has continued to refuse to negotiate an adequate outcome.

The PSA is completely opposed to the final decision of NSW Police to retain the “foundational” evaluation for every single capability level and intends to fight it all the way.

All options through the negotiation process have now been exhausted.

Your Role Description is a legal document forming part of the framework governing the exercise of your powers. It now says that your capabilities are all “foundational”. Therefore, you cannot be expected to make autonomous, strategic decisions regarding use of lethal force.

PSA endorses work to rule

The PSA directs members to work to rule and refuse to undertake duties that would require them to make autonomous, strategic decisions regarding use of lethal force, as they are not within the scope of the relevant Role Descriptions.

Special Constables and Senior Special Constables in NSW Police Security Management Unit should commence the following work to rule at all sites from day shift Tuesday 20 August:

  • No wearing of arms and appointments
  • No overwatch guard duty
  • No external patrols.

You are protected when following work to rule

Members are advised that:

  • This action has been approved by the General Secretary of the Public Service Association.
  • If members are directed to complete duties covered by the work to rule, they should decline unless they will be accompanied and working under the direct supervision of a Field Supervisor or a Police Officer at all times.

Not a PSA member? Join the PSA today and protect your rights at work!

Make sure your colleagues are protected, too.

Only union members are protected when working to rule. Speak to your colleagues about joining the union today to make sure they are protected. New members can participate once they have joined online or printed off and returned a membership form available HERE.

The PSA will have no hesitation enforcing your collective rights in the Industrial Relations Commission.

If you are being harassed or pressured because of the work to rule, please immediately contact:

Your Special Constables Advisory Group delegates

  • Dannie Abel
  • Tony Saraceno
  • Sheraz Ghalie
  • Vince Carnevale
  • Alex Muirhead


Your PSA industrial staff                                                                                                                           

Andrew Wright, Industrial Officer
t: 0490 498 784

Roland Harris, Organiser
t: 0438 402 503

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