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PSA DPIE Departmental Committee update

PSA DPIE Departmental Committee update

On Wednesday 17th February, your Department of Planning, Industry and Environment PSA delegates met as part of their regular Departmental Committee (DC) meetings. The details of your local delegates will be listed at the end of the email. The following is a brief outline of some of the issues discussed.

COVID and return to office arrangements:

The committee discussed the future of work within DPIE as well as the discrepancies amongst branches as to how returning to the office is being approached. The delegates have proposed a survey of DPIE members to gauge staff sentiments and determine how different branches are managing the return to the office.


The committee discussed various restructures occurring across DPIE. Please remember that adequate consultation and information must be supplied to employees and the PSA.  If there is a restructure in your branch and you have concerns around any aspect, please contact your local delegate for more information, or contact the member support line on 1300 772 679.

People Matter Employee Survey (PMES):

The recent results of the PMES suggest staff have little confidence in the grievance processes. The delegates will continue to discuss potential ways to improve the process. If you have been through the process and have suggestions as to how it might be improved, please contact your local delegate.

Office Location Moves:

Various issues to do with office shifts were discussed, including health and safety hazards associated with hot-desking. Some staff also require extra storage due to the nature of their roles.

Cleaning of equipment is also an issue, with individuals not always wiping down their equipment before and after use.

The union will continue to advocate for members’ health and safety. If you have any examples of how office moves and “agile workplaces” have negatively affected you, please contact your local delegate.

DPIE DC Vacancies:

There are still a number of vacancies on the DPIE DC which we would like to fill. If you are in the following areas and would like to become a more active part of the union as a DC delegate, please contact Chris Bird at :

Planning and Assessment – 1 vacancy

Housing and Property – 2 vacancies

Place, Design and Public Spaces – 1 vacancy

Your DPIE Delegates’ Details


Shahadat Chowdhury

Peter Roberts

Housing and Property

Tanya Eldridge (Aboriginal Housing Office)

Planning and Assessment

Meredith McIntyre

Environment, Energy and Science

Daniel Cain

Catherine Ellis

Steve Lewer

Corporate Services

Brooke Scarlett

People, Performance and Culture
Aboriginal Strategy and Outcomes
Strategy and Reform

Michael Parsons

Your local delegates are here to help and work closely with each other to advocate for all members. Please remember to ask your colleagues if they are in the PSA and encourage them to join at so your union can continue to fight for all staff.

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