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PSA files Award application seeking pay increases of between 16-26 per cent for Special Constables

On 21 July 2022, the PSA filed an application in the Industrial Relations Commission for a new Award to be made known as the Crown Employees (NSW Police Force Special Constable) (Security) Award 2022. This application was made as the current Award does not contain fair and reasonable conditions of employment in that it does not currently reflect changes to the work value of Special Constables, or your contribution to productivity and efficiency improvements.

The PSA, led by your Delegates on the PSA Special Constables Advisory Group, have been advocating and campaigning tirelessly around your remuneration and to ensure that the valuable work you do every day is recognised. Essentially, the PSA does not believe that your remuneration accurately affects the value of the work you perform, and the variation is necessary to:

  1. ensure that the salaries of Special Constables appropriately reflect the value of the work performed;
  2. provide just and reasonable remuneration; and
  3. maintain the real value of the salaries and allowances paid to Special Constables.

In order to do this, we need to hear from you!

To be successful, the PSA will need to establish facts demonstrating that special circumstances exist that render the conditions of employment in the current Award no longer fair and reasonable.

The PSA have commenced the process of taking witness statements from a number of Special Constables. The PSA extends its thanks to those members who have already put their hand up to assist with the matter, your contribution is greatly appreciated.

The PSA is especially interested in hearing from if you are:

  • A female Special Constable;
  • Have been a Special Constable for more than seven years; and
  • Are posted to Parliament House, Government House or Police Headquarters.

The PSA needs to submit our initial evidence and submissions in the case by Thursday 29 September 2022. If you are interested in assisting in the case to increase the pay of you and your colleagues and have the chance to demonstrate the value that Special Constables provide on a daily basis, please contact your Organiser Marko Petrovic () as soon as you can.

If you do not fit the above criteria, but still want to be involved in this important industrial matter, please also reach out to Marko.

The case is to be heard in the Industrial Relations Commission in February 2023

Know any non-members?

While it is PSA Delegates, members and industrial staff who fight for fair and reasonable remuneration for Special Constables, all Special Constables will benefit from any potential changes to your remuneration. Ask your colleagues if they are members, and if they aren’t, ask them to join you in the fight for a fair pay rise at today!

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