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PSA Legal Fund for Youth Justice members

Youth Justice Legal Fund - Jan 2020 (PDF version)

Youth Justice Members perform an incredibly important role in NSW Communities & Justice, Youth Justice, by providing safety and security to clients, visitors and your colleagues. At times this can be dangerous and difficult work.

In 2019, the PSA launched a new Legal Fund for members working in the Justice sector, including Youth Justice.

The PSA strongly encourages every Youth Justice member to join the Legal Fund to ensure they have legal protection for matters that may arise in the course of their duties that are outside the scope of industrial relations law.

The PSA encourages you to speak to any non-members to join the PSA and the Legal Fund to ensure they are also protected.

The nature of your work means you have a much higher risk of requiring certain types of legal representation in the course of your employment.

The Legal Fund, modelled on a similar scheme already available to Prison Officers, provides a range of enhanced legal services for members commonly exposed to difficult and dangerous situations in the course of their employment, including:

  • Alleged criminal offenses arising out of or in the course of employment.
  • Making a claim under the Victims Right and Support Act 2013 which arises out of or in the course of employment.
  • Any Coronial Enquiry where the interests of the member and their employer diverge.
  • Any commission of enquiry or tribunal conducting an enquiry whose findings could have an adverse effect upon the member of the Legal Fund.

Membership of the PSA Justice Sector Legal Fund is available to PSA Members for just $2 a week and is entirely tax deductible, just like your union fees.

Financial PSA Members working in the NSW Justice Sector can join the PSA Legal Fund by filling in the attached APPLICATION FORM. Full terms and conditions are attached to the form.

Don’t forget that through your PSA membership, you also have various other protections and benefits, including:

  • Personal representation on individual Industrial Relations matters, including after critical incidents, Workers Compensation, disciplinary and misconduct issues, flexible working agreements, return to work, etc. The union is YOUR protection in the workplace.
  • Collective representation Management on issues affecting the unit, such as rosters, staffing, gradings, health and safety, allowances, Award entitlements, etc. We are stronger when we fight for these things TOGETHER.
  • Journey Insurance: Income protection if you are injured travelling to or from work. This was taken from NSW public servants by the Liberal/National government in 2012 in legislation that made sweeping changes to Workers Compensation entitlements. If you are a PSA member, you have it as part of your membership.
  • Personal Injury Insurance: Through lump sum payouts to members and/or their families, this insurance covers members for permanent disability or death that results from a personal accident. This coverage can be extended to direct family members for $11 per year.
  • Annual Pay Rise: Each year, the PSA fights for an annual pay rise on behalf of its members all across the public service (currently 2.5 per cent p.a.). This is not an automatic annual increase – the strength and resourcing of our submission comes from our membership.
  • Union Shopper access giving discounts on a wide range of gift cards (including 5% off at Coles and Woolworths), entertainment, activities, whitegoods, electronics, and more for union members.
  • Provident Fund: A benefit of $3,500 to a nominated beneficiary in the event of a member’s death.
  • Nominate as a delegate and have a say in how your union is run.
  • Contribute to PSA representations at various Security, WH&S, and Peak Consultative Committees with NSW Youth Justice.

If you would like any further information on how the PSA Legal Fund works, or about other PSA membership entitlements, how to join, or to organise a visit in your workplace please contact your local delegate or:

Gino DiCandilo PSA Organiser

A union workplace is a fairer workplace. Not a member? SIGN UP TODAY!


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