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PSA News 12 October 2016

PSA News 12 October 2016 (PDF version)

PSA successfully fights for employee’s sick leave

The PSA has successfully overturned Corrective Services NSW’s refusal to honour an employee’s medical certificate and pay his sick leave.

The Industrial Relations Commission found the employee was eligible for leave despite the Department mounting a very expensive legal defence.

This decision is a great result for the PSA and its members, as it shows that departmental policies cannot go against the Conditions Award. Congratulations to Industrial Advocate Dave McCauley who ran the PSA’s case.

PSA persistence – our fight to win equitable paid parental leave

The PSA has long advocated for more equitable leave entitlements for foster carers and parents who have children via surrogacy arrangements.

Our fight continues, read our letter HERE.

Currently, the amount of Paid Parental Leave available to foster carers and parents who have children via surrogacy arrangements is inferior to the entitlements available to parents who adopt children.

The NSW Government should lead the way in ensuring parental leave entitlements are free from discrimination and that all parents and carers are supported equally.

PSA pressure gets a win in Berrima

PSA pressure has seen a third NSW prison re-opened to reduce the pressure on overworked members in Corrective Services.

The minimum-security correctional facility in Berrima re-opened last month, housing 75 male inmates.

It will be a publically run prison.

Prisons in Grafton and Kirkconnell have been re-opened since the PSA put pressure on the NSW Government over the dangers overcrowding presented to Correctional staff.

Election reminder

There is still time to vote in the PSA election.

The election, run by the NSW Electoral Commission, is held every four years and members are encouraged to vote to keep our union strong.

Ballots must be received by the Electoral Commission by noon on 17 October 2016.

Minister taken to task over planned move

The PSA Assistant General Secretary has written to Finance Minister Dominic Perrottet about his lack of consultation over plans to relocate public sector staff en masse to the western suburbs of Sydney.

The PSA will report back to members on this matter.

Review of NSW Workers Compensation scheme

The PSA has been at the forefront of the campaign to fight the drastic and unnecessary changes to the workers compensation laws made by the NSW Government in 2012.

As a result, some of the worst of the changes have been wound back, but there is still much to be done to make workers compensation fair for injured workers and their families.

As part of our campaign, the PSA has made a submission to the review of these laws currently being conducted by the Law & Justice Committee of the NSW Legislative Council – the Upper House.

You can read the PSA’s submission HERE.

This submission forms part of a larger Unions NSW submission.

PSA’s Flexible Work submission

The PSA is determined to ensure flexible work is on the Government’s agenda.

In March 2016, Premier Mike Baird announced all public service jobs will be flexible by 2019 on the basis of ‘if not, why not?’.

The PSA understands flexible work is essential to bring about a better work-life balance, so has written a detailed submission to the Public Service Commission on the issue.

You can read our submission HERE.

Rally for domestic violence leave

There will be a rally tomorrow in support of domestic violence leave, organised by Unions NSW and the Australian Services Union.

The rally, to be held behind NSW Parliament House on Thursday 13 October at 12:30pm, is calling for 10 days’ domestic violence entitlements for all workers.

The PSA was a trailblazer for this issue.

Member Benefits

Our valued member benefits support program.

Union Membership - Unity Strength Respect

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