PSA News - 15 December 2015 - Public Service Association

PSA News – 15 December 2015

Central Council supports PSA General Secretary

Yesterday, Central Council, the governing body of the PSA, passed several motions in support of recent decisions of the PSA General Secretary, Anne Gardiner.

In addition, the below censure motion of the PSA President, Sue Walsh was laid on the table as per the rules for the next meeting of Central Council.

Moved Cllr Turner             Seconded Cllr Townsend

“That Central Council censures the President of the PSA for sending emails to members which contained untrue and malicious content and which damaged the reputation of the PSA General Secretary and the PSA.”

Moved Cllr Cameron         Seconded Cllr Alvarado

“Central Council determines that the honorary position of President does not require and is not entitled to the exclusive use of an office.”

Moved Cllr Turner             Seconded Cllr Wilton

“That Central Council determines that the direction for the President to vacate the office in PSA House is not a breach of the rules, let alone a substantial breach of the rules.”

Moved Cllr Fullick             Seconded Cllr S O’Brien

“That Central Council declares invalid the direction of the President dated 24 November 2015 suspending Anne Gardiner from the Office of General Secretary. The direction:

1. Failed to identify the rule the General Secretary allegedly breached; and
2. Failed to give the General Secretary procedural fairness before the purported suspension.”

Moved Cllr England          Seconded Cllr Cameron

“That Central Council instructs the General Secretary to obtain legal advice with regards to recovering board fees in accordance with (past) Motion CC97/13 Moved Cllr Cameron, Seconded Cllr Leen:

“That Central Council resolves that the Board fees payable to President Sue Walsh in respect to her appointment to the State Super Board and State Super Financial Services Board shall be remitted to the PSA.”


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