PSA secures conversion rights for Home Care temps ahead of privatisation - Public Service Association

PSA secures conversion rights for Home Care temps ahead of privatisation

PSA secures conversion rights for Home Care temps ahead of privatisation June 2015 (PDF version)

In a victory for Home Care temporary staff, the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) has agreed to conversion arrangements following negotiations with the PSA.

The win improves employment security for staff facing an uncertain future. It means temporary staff will be able to:

  • convert to ongoing employment with the Home Care Service ahead of any privatisation; and
  • gain access to any employment guarantee period offered to staff when privatisation takes effect.

FACS has written to the PSA to confirm:

…arrangements have been made to prioritise regularisation of temporary employment in the Home Care Service. Temporary employment arrangements are progressively converted to ongoing arrangements where there is eligibility under the GSE Rules.

FACS is committed to converting temporary employment arrangements to ongoing wherever possible…

See that letter HERE

While the initiative is a step in the right direction, other critical employment conditions remain vulnerable despite the NSW Government’s assurances to staff.

The government’s current ‘transfer package’ offer includes:

  • forcible transfer to a new service provide without employee consent;
  • only minimal transfer compensation, with few real safeguards for existing employment arrangements; and
  • no enforceable agreement to protect existing wages and conditions.

Further information can be found on the PSA website HERE

The PSA remains opposed to privatisation and will continue to fight for a better, fairer outcome for Home Care staff.

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