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PSA State Emergency Service GSE update to members

PSA State Emergency Service GSE update to members August 2015 (PDF version)

PSA members may be aware the Public Sector Employment and Management Act was repealed and replaced with the Government Sector Employment Act (GSE), Rules and Regulations.

In becoming compliant with the NSW GSE, the PSA was invited to participate in the SES GSE Working Group (GSEWG). The GSEWG comprises SES Management, PSA industrial staff and PSA nominated local workplace employee representatives.

As part of the requirement to become compliant with the new GSE legislation, one of the significant requirements was for YOUR current position description to be converted to a ‘Role Description’. In essence, the role description outlines the things you do in your role and the capabilities YOU, as the person filling that role, are required to possess.

Initially, SES HR converted a number of region headquarter based position descriptions to Role Descriptions, and then subsequently engaged an external consultant to convert all remaining position descriptions to ‘Role Descriptions’.

To ensure consistency in the process and fairness for all PSA members, your union representatives on the GSE Working Group requested the previously converted region based position descriptions, also be reviewed by the external consultant.

At the last GSEWG on 29 July 2015, NSW SES agreed for this to occur. This is a significant result for all PSA members, ensuring consistency in the conversion process whether your role is based in SHQ or the regions.

If your position description has been converted to a ‘Role Description’ you should have been involved in the process. The conversion process aims to transfer the old position description into the new format role description. The process is not intended to “update” position descriptions with responsibilities and duties that may have evolved since your position description was last reviewed. The process is only intended to reflect the existing position description, even where they may be out of date.

As part of the conversion process, incumbents can identify if their “role description” is misaligned with their current work. These role descriptions can then be reviewed by the GSEWG as part of the compliance process.

The other significant PSA achievement as part of involvement in the GSE Working Group is in the development of a DRAFT Recruitment and Selection Guide. The PSA’s submissions that the SES indicate a clear commitment to fill vacant positions in an ‘ongoing employment’ capacity rather than on a temporary or casual basis, has been adopted by the SES and is clearly articulated as part of this guide. NSW SES GSEWG is currently reviewing this document for approval.

The GSE Act and associated Rules and Regulations are an important part of your employment. PSA members are actively involved in working with NSW SES to ensure a consistent and fair implementation of the GSE Act. The 2 issues above are examples of the work being done.

GSE Working Group meets on a monthly basis. There are vacancies on the GSEWG for PSA workplace representatives, and financial PSA members are welcome to nominate. If you have any questions relating to the SES GSE compliance process, or would like to nominate as a PSA staff representative, contact your PSA delegate or members of the GSE Working Group.

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