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PSA training courses – May 2018 (PDF version)

It is a well-established union principle that an active, educated membership is essential in building greater power to represent members in the workplace.

The union is stronger when you, as members, are trained and well-versed in your workplace rights and entitlements.

Many decades ago the PSA recognised the need to have this principle enshrined in law.

Members may not be aware that at some time in the distant past the PSA ran a strong, effective and ultimately successful campaign against the Government of the day, which resulted in the inclusion of an important award provision. Clause 55 of the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Award 2009 entitles every PSA member to have access to up to 12 days of special leave every two years to attend PSA training courses.

The PSA emphasises that all members should take advantage of their 12 days of special leave every two years.

Training courses are FREE and provided by the PSA.

PSA run one day training courses such as “An Introduction to the PSA” and also the official five-day WHS course for new Health & Safety Reps.

Options are also available for you to request training in specific areas of interest, for example, negotiating skills, interview skills, public speaking and collective bargaining.

Keep a close eye out on upcoming PSA training days via the website

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