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PSA update on the Graphic Service Operators Award

As previously advised, the Department of Customer Service is seeking to update the Graphic Service Operators Award.

The PSA is seeking your input into whether you would like to move to a 35-hour work pattern instead of your current 38-hour one with no change to salary. Reducing your hours and keeping your salary would mean an increase in your hourly rate (both standard and overtime).

You would also have access to the Flexible Working Hours Agreement (FWHA) which could mean a reduction in unplanned absences, such as taking sick leave to access a medical or other appointment.

It is our understanding that you currently have one day off every four weeks.  Moving to a 35-hour working week and access to the FWHA would give you six flex days in a 12 week period.

The PSA welcomes your feedback. Please contact member support on 1800 772 679 and quote reference number 215446.

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