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PSA Update – TfNSW

PSA Update - TfNSW - June 2021 (pdf version)

Award Negotiations

Members should be aware that TfNSW have made a wage offer to the PSA of 1.5% wage increase.  Included in the increase is the scheduled superannuation guarantee increase therefore, 1% is a salary increase and the rest would be a superannuation increase.

However, the circumstances surrounding the offer have changed. In light of Premier’s press conference and budge announcements that all public servants would receive the maximum legislated amount of 2.5% (2% increase in wages, 0.5% increase in Superannuation) we have asked transport whether we should expect a revised offer.

Transport are seeking instructions on this matter and we can expect to hear back from them imminently.

Due to the change in circumstances it is likely the PSA will survey the membership again to gauge support; including if we receive a revised offer.

Transport Accellion Cyberattack

The Combined Transport unions received correspondence from TfNSW around the accellion cyberattack earlier in the year.

A taskforce that was established after this incident.  The Taskforce has now completed the discovery phase and data validation checks and is now beginning the employee notification process. This process involves contacting each impacted individual about the specifics of the breach. Any member that was affected by this data breach and is concerned around what it means for them is encouraged to contact the PSA.

Corporate Functions Review update

The Corporate Functions Review (CFR) is well underway with determinations continuing to take place.  However, yesterday the Fair Work Commission (FWC) handed down a determination relating to the rail employees and their conditions of employment; restraining Sydney Trains and NSW trains from taking further steps in CFR.

The determination handed down by the FWC is as follows

In accordance with the Dispute Settlement Procedures of the Sydney Trains Enterprise Agreement 2018 and the NSW Trains Enterprise Agreement 2018,Sydney Trains and NSW Trains are restrained from taking further steps to implement the proposed workplace restructure arising from the Corporate Functions Review, including by:

  1. issuing Decision on Change letters;
  2. initiating Implementation Periods under the Managing Excess Employees in the Rail Entities Deed 2018
  3. Otherwise progressing the restructure, including by notifying any employee that their position is redundant as a result of the Corporate Functions Review or terminating any affected employee’s employment on that basis.

Transport is of the view that this decision does not affect the continuation of this restructure and further disputes are being filed as a result. It is yet to be seen exactly how this decision will affect the the Corporate Functions Review but the PSA joins the combined unions in calling for the review to be stopped until all ongoing issues are solved.

Covid-19 update

The PSA was made aware late yesterday afternoon of a Covid-19 positive individual attending the transport training centre at Petersham between 4pm and 4:10pm on Monday 21 June 2021. We have been advised that NSW health has requested relevant CCTV footage. Members are encouraged to follow all NSW health guidelines on the matter and monitor for symptoms. We will continue to be in discussions with TfNSW around this incident to ensure that all precautions are being taken.

All members should be aware of the NSW health requirement to wear masks at work.  If any members have any concerns around how this applies to them in their duties at TfNSW, they are encouraged to get in touch with the PSA.

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