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Reclassification of General Scale Clerk Positions in FETS Command

Reclassification of General Scale Clerk Positions - Feb 2020

NSW Police has advised the PSA of its intention to reclassify 10 General Scale Clerk administrative support positions in the FETS Command, including:

  • Criminal Records – seven positions
  • Fingerprint Operations – two positions
  • Crime Scene Services – one position

The advice received from NSW Police as part of the consultation process is that the proposal addresses the change in role of the positions with significant technological transformations being experienced within FETS.

These changes require occupants to possess a greater level of skills and capability around their technical knowledge, IT skills and ability to undertake a significantly broader range of tasks that better align to the capabilities of a Clerk 1/2 level.

The intention of NSW Police is to directly appoint current occupants into these roles, leaving no members displaced. Any member who has relieved at a higher grade for the requisite period of time will be eligible to start on a higher increment in line with relevant policy.

Affected members will have been advised of these changes this morning. As part of standard consultation requirements around organisational change, the PSA is usually afforded two weeks to receive and collate feedback from members.

In this instance, the PSA does not intend to unnecessarily delay the direct appointment of members from General Scale Clerk positions to Clerk 1/2 positions. As such, the PSA has agreed to raise any feedback or concerns by COB Friday, 21 February if required.

Pending no issues requiring an extension of this consultation period, the changes are due to be confirmed in writing and take effect on Monday, 24 February 2020.

Any member requiring assistance or advice around these changes should immediately contact the PSA.


Roland Harris
A/Industrial Officer


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