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Registry Transition Update

Registry Transition Update – June 2017 (PDF Version)

Dear member,

Service NSW has finally provided the PSA and members with definitive answers with regard to the remaining 24 Motor Registries as part of their transition to Service NSW.

In a plus for regional employment, constant PSA campaign pressure against centre closures has resulted in all the remaining RMS Registries transitioning to Service NSW.

As a consequence, all staff at the remaining locations will have an opportunity to transition to Service NSW through the priority recruitment processes.

The PSA accepted an invitation to meet and discuss the transition of the final RMS registries that took place on Tuesday 20 June. In that meeting, the PSA sought timeframes with regard the closures and transitions so that members can better plan their futures as part Service NSW or away from the public service.

Whilst Service NSW representatives were unable to provide specific details on centre transitions at this time, they estimate the scope of works to take approximately 18 months.

The PSA is mindful many employees have not been through a merit selection interview in quite some time. The PSA encourages all affected staff to apply for positions through the priority recruitment processes and to avail themselves with Service NSW-offered trainings. This will help members know what to expect and have every chance to show merit as part of the recruitment process.

Look out for PSA Regional Organisers who will be in your workplaces to discuss the upcoming transitions and how they affect individual members.

Are you part-time and working extra hours on a routine basis?

The RMS Consolidated Salaries Award 2016 contains clause 12.4. Below is an extract of the clause that relates to the operation of part-time hours of employment.

12.4   Part-Time

(a)      A Part-Time Employee shall be engaged to work fewer contracted ordinary hours than the ordinary hours of a Full-Time Employee in the same classification. Part-time Professional Engineers must work a minimum of 3 hours per day.

(b)     Part-Time work may be undertaken with the agreement of the Employer. The terms of the agreement must be in writing and specify the pattern of contract hours to be worked and may only be varied with the consent of both parties.

(c)      Part-Time Employees shall be paid at the same hourly rate as a Full-Time Employee in the same classification, including any relevant expenses and/or allowances as prescribed in this Award.

(d)     Part-Time Employees receive entitlements on a pro rata basis calculated according to the number of hours an Employee works in a part-time position or under a part-time arrangement. Entitlements to paid leave will accrue on the equivalent hourly basis.

(e)      Subject to any specific provisions, the Employer may request, but not require, a Part-Time Employee to work additional hours or overtime in excess of their contract hours.

The PSA advises members that have undertaken to work extra hours on a systemic basis to discuss with the manager to recognise those hours as part of the agreement.

The PSA would like to hear from members who receive a negative response from RMS management from this award entitlement.


















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