Regular union meetings for Student Support Officers - Public Service Association

Regular union meetings for Student Support Officers

SSOs Join - Nov 2020 (PDF version)

Being a member of the union means coming together as a group of workers to have a powerful and influential voice in the workplace.

The Department has a goal of recruiting a large number of Student Support Officers (SSOs) to meet the mental health and well-being of students. Therefore, it’s time for SSOs to get organised and active in the union in order to have a voice in the workplace. We need to affect change so you can do your jobs in a positive, supportive, well-resourced environment.

One way to do this is to have regular SSO union meetings.

The first meeting will be held on Wednesday 2 Dec 2020, 3:30pm-4:30pm, via ZOOM.

The Zoom registration link will be distributed closer to the date.

The Agenda will be:

  1. Intro to the PSA and our consultative arrangements with DOE
  2. PSA updates
  3. What’s happening for SSOs?
  4. PSA member benefits
  5. Next steps

Regular SSO PSA meetings will also be an opportunity for SSOs to discuss what is happening at work and support and network with each other.

SSOs who are interested in joining the PSA may attend the initial meeting, so invite your non-member SSO colleagues! Encourage them to join the PSA at The more members the union has, the stronger we become, as our influence and sway increases.


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