Relocation of agencies at Henry Deane Building and 50 Phillip St to Parramatta CBD - Public Service Association

Relocation of agencies at Henry Deane Building and 50 Phillip St to Parramatta CBD

Office Move - Nov 2020 (PDF version)

At the most recent members’ meeting, members discussed the recent Government announcement to relocate to Parramatta. Members expressed their concerns about the relocation, particularly, what this would mean to them, their families and their work.

The PSA would like to hear from as many of you as possible. As such, we have developed a survey to ensure that all members have the opportunity to be heard.

What we know so far

  • The move is to occur in late 2021;
  • Management has advised that business areas will remain grouped together when the move is finalised;
  • The new premises will provide an agile work environment, laptops will be provided, but no-one will have a set desk;
  • Consultation will be ongoing. Particularly, different groups will have different needs;
  • Management has agreed there will be more discussion at the local level with the various business groups.

The PSA advised management that sensitive information needs to be managed appropriately in an open-plan office space in accordance with NSW Government guidelines. The PSA also raised the fact that information to members needs to be consistent to avoid confusion. Further, the PSA stated that individuals may have circumstances which need to be addressed in the move to Parramatta, including return to work and reasonable adjustment.

What is yet to be explained

  • What will be the process to choose who stays in the Sydney CBD, or who moves to Parramatta CBD?
  • Are there any implications regarding working from home?
  • What is the proposed implementation plan for the relocation?
  • Will members who cannot relocate for genuine reasons be offered alternatives?

Not a member?

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