Revenue NSW and Fair Trading Contact Centre relocation dispute

Revenue NSW and Fair Trading Contact Centre relocation dispute – May 2018 (PDF version)

The PSA thanks all Revenue and Fair Trading Contact Centre staff who wrote to us with their personal stories about how and why forced relocation to Gosford would be impractical and/or impossible.

The PSA has lodged a dispute the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW. The matter will be heard on Wednesday 23 May.

The aim of the hearing will be to seek the assistance of the Commission in facilitating and guiding a process which

  • expeditiously identifies compatible role exchange opportunities within the Department or in separate Departments (such as a role that has a similar skill set or the same grade) using the specific rules under the Government Sector Employment Rules, and facilitate their application for role exchange
  • expeditiously identify employees who cannot relocate or commute daily and introduce a work-from-home program. This may include commuting to the ‘home office’ in Gosford two or three days per week, and working from another location closer to your home on the other days, or indeed, working from home on a day or two, if possible
  • assists employees who were unsuccessful in their application to get into the talent pools and who are unable to relocate/commute daily, with providing alternative employment.

The PSA will update members after 23 May.

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