Revenue NSW restructure development

Revenue NSW restructure development – May 2018 (PDF version)

The PSA was informed by delegates attending our Annual Conference that management held a “town hall” meeting today (24 May) regarding the Collection Centre Restructure.

At that meeting, staff were informed that despite Revenue NSW agreeing to upfront calls for VRs, and more EOIs being received that there are roles to be declared excess. Staff wishing to remain in their roles are required to submit an EOI for the remaining roles, and be assessed on their suitability for that role.

Not only does that proposal defy logic, it goes against the proposed means for filling positions in their Restructure Management Plan.

Stage one states:

Staff at each eligible grade will be invited to express an interest in being directly appointed. Where there are more or the same number of vacant roles than staff affected within a grade, affected staff may be directly appointed.

As Revenue NSW agreed to the sensible proposal to offer VRs upfront before assigning remaining positions, and more than 28 EOIs have been received, it is clear there can be the same number of vacant roles as staff affected.

There is therefore no need for staff to then “re-apply” through either a comparative assessment or suitability assessment for a role that they already occupy.

Whilst completely unnecessary in this circumstance, due more than sufficient interest in VRs, Revenue NSW can call for an EOI for staff who wish to remain working at Revenue NSW. However, the staff who respond to this EOI should not be required to undergo an “assessment”, as they have already been assessed for their suitability when gaining ongoing employment.

It is clear Revenue NSW has an opportunity to mitigate adverse effects on employees, a requirement under the Agency Change Management Guidelines, by determining who will be offered a VR from the EOIs already received, and then directly appointing remaining employees at Grade. This is not only an allowable process; it is the most sensible one.

The reports today indicate DFSI would prefer to subject affected staff to an unnecessary process, which the PSA maintains is in breach of the Government Sector Employment Rules and associated Assignment to Roles Guidelines, as well as the Agency Change Management Guidelines.

The PSA has contacted DFSI regarding this matter, and will relist the matter in the IRC if a sensible and mature outcome can’t be achieved through those discussions.


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