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RMS member back on the road at Service NSW

A member from Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has successfully secured a role at Service NSW, thanks to the PSA.

The Industrial Relations Commission recommended that the member be permitted to sit a second job interview on the grounds that they had been unfairly disadvantaged during the recruitment process. The member had returned from overseas only one day before the interview took place and had not undergone ‘Get that Job’ training provided by Service NSW.

As the NSW Government converts RMS into Service NSW sites, all employees are being forced to reapply for their positions.

Members applying for a position in their current location are classified as Priority 1A applicants.

If Priority 1A applicants are not successful in securing their job, they are eligible to lodge an Assisted Appointment Review with the Industrial Relations Commission via the PSA.

In order to be successfully reappointed, the member must be able to provide evidence that they are a meritorious applicant who should have been appointed to the role initially.

In this particular case, the member – with the assistance of the PSA – was able to show that they were disadvantaged by having an inadequate time to prepare for the interview and demonstrate their merit.

The PSA is committed to ensuring that the transition of RMS employees to Service NSW is not used to unfairly exclude members from their jobs.

The union is currently assisting members with this process.

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