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Road Maintenance Contestability

Just a Another Name for Outsourcing

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More jobs are at risk following the O’Farrell government’s announcement of their intention to outsource Road Maintenance in the Sydney Region, and prohibit RMS from competing for tenders. This has caused widespread concern amongst PSA depot members whose jobs are now in the firing line. The Association opposes this blatant attack on the livelihoods of its members.PSA meetings have been held at each affected depot and the overwhelming response from you, the members, is that this is a bad decision that will have a negative affect on the workers and the community.

The PSA opposes the outsourcing of any work currently undertaken by its members. What makes this worse is that PSA members have been left out in the cold when it comes to options to transition to the new company.The Government’s media comments regarding the outsourcing allege that working with the private sector will deliver better services at a lower cost with greater innovation. PSA members believe these comments are misleading and fundamentally flawed on a number of fronts as they create the perception that the highly skilled professional services provided by public servants are substandard and seek to diminish the viability of keeping the service ‘in house’.

RTA roads

The Association has been informed that a consultative forum will be set up between the Unions, Treasury and Transport for NSW with RMS taking an advisory role only. This forum will be where the PSA can negotiate on behalf of its members, but with Road Maintenance Contestability likely to be taken to Cabinet in two weeks time it’s too little, too late.
Stop work meetings
The PSA is aware that Unions covering wages staff are holding a stop work meeting on Wednesday 13 February regarding the outsourcing of Road Maintenance. We support these Unions in their action. However, based on your feedback, The PSA has determined to hold a separate member meeting, to reflect the different challenges faced by salaried staff.
The details of this meeting will be provided in the next couple of days, and we encourage all impacted members to participate.
We need your help!
Members have reported that Road Maintenance brings in significant profits, and that RMS consistently delivers better work and outcomes for the people of NSW. The PSA is seeking examples of this so that we can clearly show that outsourcing road maintenance is a bad decision that will only benefit big business. We need to demonstrate to both the community and the government that you’re far more valuable in terms of revenue and corporate knowledge and therefore should, as a minimum, be given the opportunity to put in an internal bid.
Please urgently send examples to the contact email below.
What can I do?
1. Join the PSA.
2. Talk to colleagues about these issues and encourage them to join the PSA and get involved.
3. Contact the PSA so we can help you write to and visit your local member about this issue.
4. Contact us to find out how you can assist in the campaign and negotiations to oppose the outsourcing.
5. Attend PSA meetings over the coming weeks and encourage others to do the same.
Our best chance to protect your jobs is by staying united!
RMS Departmental Committee Delegates
Tom Thompson, Chair North Sydney
Wayne O’Mara , Secretary North Sydney
Mark T Gordon, Delegate Octagon Building Parramatta
Janet Miller, Delegate Octagon Building Parramatta
Philip Mortimer, Delegate TMC, Eveleigh
Barry Warner, Delegate Armidale Motor Registry
Darryl West, Delegate Bankstown Motor Registry
Carl Schokman, Delegate Hornsby Motor Registry
Jarrod Martin, Delegate Newcastle Motor Registry
Keith Furner, Delegate Contact Centre Newcastle
Peter Bache, Delegate Bega
Peter McGlynn, Delegate Dubbo Vehicle Regs
Claire Everett, Delegate Grafton
Martin Tighe, Delegate Parkes
Wayne Green, Delegate Wollongong Regional Office
RMS Delegate to Central Council
Kate Doherty Argyle St. Parramatta
RMS Delegates to Women’s Council
Claire Everett Grafton
Janet Miller Parramatta
Dianne Morison Wollongong
Inspectors Vehicle Regulation Advisory Group
Arthur Giatras Botany
Timothy Smith Carrington
Greg Plim Coffs Harbour
Peter McGlynn Dubbo
Oscar Yates Dubbo
Craig Whybrow Mount Boyce
John Lievore Mount White
Greg Anderson Penrith
Stephen Bennett Silverwater
Wayne Jones Tamworth
Arnold Freeman Young
PSA Staff – Sydney
Siobhan Callinan, Organiser 9220 0930
Bart McKenzie, Organiser 9220 0929
Ian Braithwaite, Organiser
Sydney/Newcastle (IVRs) 9220 0900
Ian Lambert, Industrial Officer 9220 0955

PSA Staff – Regional Organisers

(Phone – FREECALL 1800 467 932)
Tony Heathwood Wollongong
Michelle Mackintosh Wagga Wagga
Stephen Mears Tamworth
Paul James Newcastle
John Campbell Lismore
Michael Fogarty Bathurst

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