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Rural Fire Service bulletin Operational Officer Mobility Program

Rural Fire Service bulletin Operational Officer Mobility Program November 2015 (PDF version)

The PSA has been in discussion with the Rural Fire Service (RFS) about the Operational Officer Mobility Program for some time, and has recently provided a comprehensive response to the draft policy and handbook. Thanks to all of our delegates and members who contributed to the PSA’s response.

The PSA remains concerned about the impact of the program on Operational Officers and our other members, and that it could discriminate against those with family and carer’s responsibilities.

This is particularly the case if the program becomes one of the few avenues for entry into the RFS and career progression within it.

A recent letter from Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers to the PSA has confirmed that:

  • 61 positions have already been converted to Operation Officer roles and have been filled
  • The RFS does not have a documented policy that details how further roles will be selected to be converted to Operational Officer roles
  • The RFS does not have any formal plan to address the impact on offices that will have to train and orientate Operational Officers
  • The RFS has no strategy to provide support to Operational Officers to relocating and settling into a new community (other than financial assistance – see below).

You can read the complete response from the RFS HERE

It is encouraging that the Deputy Commissioner has clarified that Operational Officers retain their entitlements under the Crown Employees (Transferred Employees Compensation) Award

This award provides for certain payments and additional special leave for having to find new accommodation and relocate when Operational Officers are transferred. These payments may exceed the $5,000 limit specified in the draft policy, and the PSA has asked that this entitlement is clear in the final policy.

What can you do?

  • Put this bulletin up at your workplace
  • Contact your local delegate to give your views about the program
  • Ask your colleagues to join the PSA
  • Organise a PSA meeting at your workplace.

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