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Rural Fire Service bulletin – Your RFS Award bargaining team

Rural Fire Service bulletin – RFS Award bargaining team – 21 October 2015 (PDF version)

The PSA is delighted to announce the members of the team that will conduct negotiations with the Rural Fire Service about your Award. They are:

Bruce Hanson (CSC)
Brett Hagan (OMS)
Tim Williams (HO)
David Hagarty (Region West)
Jurgen Achilles (Region North)
Julie Bartlett (Region South)
Kam Baker (Region East)
Ivan Perkins (Delegate Committee)
Boh Fitzgerald (Delegate Committee)


Guy Duckworth
Jim Killen
Wayne Leader
Michael Brooks
Andrew Kaye
Patrick Westwood
Amanda Moylan

The team, representing a broad cross section of our members from all locations and business units at the RFS, will be your voice in the negotiations.

The team attended training in September and are now reviewing results of the recent survey and feedback from the many listenings conducted throughout the state. It is anticipated the team will soon finalise a log of claims that will be presented to management to commence negotiation. A further update will be provided in early November, when the log of claims is finalised by the bargaining team.

If you have questions or comments about the negotiations, please contact any team member or alternate. This is just the start of the process and we will continue to be in consultation with our members. If you would like to organise a PSA visit or video conference for your office about your Award, please contact:



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