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SAS Staff pay equity case – PSA witness statements filed

SAS Staff Pay Equity Case – 27 Oct 2017 (PDF version)

A big step forward in the PSA’s pay equity case for SAS Staff took place today as the PSA filed its witness statements in the Industrial Relations Commission. All up 22 statements were filed, most from PSA members working across all the SAS Staff classifications in schools.

The PSA thanks those SAS Staff members for their support and dedication in assisting in the preparation of the case.

This is a significant milestone in the case. The next major step in the case will be when we receive the Department’s evidence in December.

School Leadership Strategy

Last month the Minister announced a School Leadership Strategy, which included an additional $50 million to be allocated to schools to assist principals with the increasing demands in school administration. The PSA met with the Department by teleconference to discuss how the additional funding would be allocated to schools.

The funding has been allocated on student enrolments. At smaller schools, the allocation is $11,000 which is equivalent to the salary of a School Administrative Officer (SAO) for one day per week for 12 months. Large schools will receive funding equivalent to a full-time SAO.

According to the Department, principals cannot use the additional funding to employ teachers.

The PSA raised the following in relation to the funds:

  • Existing SAS staff should be offered additional hours
  • Current SAS staff requested to undertake higher level duties are to be paid appropriately, for example School Administrative Manager performing Business Manager duties should receive the difference between the hourly rate of pay of SAM and BM
  • Funds should be used effectively and efficiently whilst also recognising the skills of existing SAS staff employed at the school.

As part of the School Leadership Strategy, the Department also advised the PSA it will be conducting a School Entitlement Review which will include a review of the way schools are staffed.

The PSA has sought a meeting with the Secretary of the Department to discuss these matters.



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