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Service NSW Newsletter – The union for all of Service NSW

Service NSW newsletter – The union for all of Service NSW

The PSA wishes all members, delegates and their families had a happy and safe festive season.

Thanks for your hard work and dedication

Many other sections of the workforce close down for a long summer break but most Service NSW staff were rostered on to work all throughout December and January. With Christmas Day and Boxing Day falling on a Monday and Tuesday and the Public Service Holiday granted for the following Wednesday staff at least had a minimum four day break. We understand that this does not occur every year. We appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Take your break- you’ve earned it!

Your union will continue to enforce the shift loadings and work breaks set out in your current Industrial Award. Sadly some managers are still seeking to deny staff their 10-minute paid Tea Break. “At a time convenient to business needs” is not an excuse to routinely cancel this break. Service NSW employees perform intensive face-to-face work; not allowing tea breaks to be taken is damaging to your health and wellbeing.

Union members are encouraged to print out this notice HERE and display it prominently in their workplace to reinforce your right to Take a Break.


The PSA has received reports from delegates that staff may not be receiving overtime when they are clearly entitled to it.

The Service NSW Award states full-time employees shall be paid overtime for all time worked before or after the daily ordinary hours of duty set out in the roster.

This means if you are working back past your rostered finished time, you are required to be paid overtime.

Flexible work policy

A major task for the New Year is negotiating a comprehensive Flexible Working Practices policy for Service NSW. This policy could cover arrangements such as flexitime, job sharing and transition to retirement. These arrangements are common throughout the public and private sectors.

There is clear evidence that a good flexible work policy increases productivity, improves mental health and wellbeing and enhances staff retention and recruitment.

Please contact the PSA if you are being pressured not to access or denied Sick Leave, Carers Leave, Parental Leave, Family and Community Service Leave, Recreation Leave or Extended Leave. Any request for temporary reduction of hours should also be given due and fair consideration.

Award Renegotiation

The current Service NSW Salaries and Conditions Award is in force until 1 July 2018. Your Departmental Committee has already discussed areas and issues of concern and current policy gaps.

You will have been sent a separate survey about what issues you would like to see addressed in the PSA Logs of Claims. This survey will remain open whilst negotiations are ongoing, and can be accessed HERE.

The policy of the current NSW State Government restricts the ability of the PSA to negotiate a pay rise above 2.5 per cent or lodge any additional claims that might incur any additional costs.

Service NSW contact centres

The PSA has made a number of workplace visits to Service NSW contact centres. Workplace delegates from these centres have joined the Departmental Committee to represent the particular interests of these members.

Members in contact centres are reminded that if they are directed to work overtime on a Saturday, they may elect to take leave in lieu of payment for all or part of the overtime worked. The PSA raised at our recent Joint Consultative Committee meeting with Service NSW instances where we believe members are being denied that right. The PSA and Service NSW are currently considering differences in interpretation over when someone is “directed” to work overtime, and when someone responds to an expression of interest in working overtime. If we cannot come to a shared understanding over the interpretation of your award entitlement, the PSA will likely notify Service NSW of a dispute.

Trade union training

The PSA runs a wide range of training courses. Union members are entitled to paid Trade Union Training Leave to attend these courses. Subject matter includes Mental Health Care and Resilience, Dealing with Workplace Bullying, Achieving Workplace Flexibility and Role of the Delegate. For a full list please go see HERE.

Head office staff

The Public Service Association is the union that represents staff in all of Service NSW. We are currently talking to staff at your head office about their concerns and issues.

A gift idea that gives all year – union membership

The core business of the PSA is better wages and condition and more secure and rewarding employment.

If you are a member already join up a colleague and make your union stronger.

Not a member? Give yourself a gift and JOIN today.

We are stronger together.

The PSA has a dedicated Service NSW Departmental Committee, which meets throughout the year to voice members issues and concerns. This committee is your voice in the union.

  • Lee Devitt – Burwood Service Centre
  • Kieran Streat – Macarthur service Centre
  • Victor Dunstan – Liverpool Service Centre
  • Susanna Abbatantuono – Warrawong Service Centre
  • Nalini Wilson – Macarthur Service Centre
  • Janice Hartman – Newcastle Contact Centre
  • Lilli Tzinberg – Service NSW Head Office

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