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Service NSW – Requesting Recreation Leave

During recent visits to the northern region Service NSW Service Centres PSA Regional Organiser Ian Braithwaite spoke with members about Recreation Leave. Several questions on how to correctly apply for leave were raised during the visits.

Always apply through SAP

The PSA advises members that they need to apply for all forms of leave, including recreation or any other leave, via the SAP system where it can either be accepted or rejected by the appropriate manager.

There is no need to fill in a paper template on a workplace wall, nor is there a specific time that you must apply for your leave.

If you want to apply for leave, simply put your request through SAP and wait for a response. Within a week to 10 days isa reasonable timeframe to expect a response.

If your leave has been approved then you can finalise any bookings i.e., Flights, accommodation animal care etc.

What if leave is declined?

If your leave is declined, then you should receive a reason why from your appropriate manager. The reason for the decline needs to be reasonable for instance; “there are other people on leave during this time that have already been approved.”

If your leave has been declined for reasons that you feel are not reasonable then you should contact the PSA on 1800 772 679 and raise your concerns.

Being told it is not your turn to have Christmas or Easter this year when nobody else has applied for leave during this period is not reasonable. It’s up to your manager to manage the leave requests not just knock them back.

If you have concerns or issues or would like the PSA to visit to your location, please feel free to contact the PSA on 1800 772 679 and request a meeting.

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