ServiceFirst Bulletin re Privatisation (Outsourcing) - 13 February 2015 - Public Service Association

ServiceFirst Bulletin re Privatisation (Outsourcing) – 13 February 2015

Service First Bulletin re Privatisation (Outsourcing) – 13 Feb 2015 (PDF version)

The PSA met with OFS Management on 10 February, 2015

Firstly, thank you to all those members who completed our survey – the results made two things abundantly clear:

  • The top priority for members is to stop the privatisation and off-shoring of public service jobs, and
  • Members provide a valuable service to their client agencies which will be lost under a private provider model.

The PSA took onboard the views of members when we met with OFS management on Tuesday 10 February.

From this meeting we can confirm that under the arrangements currently being pursued it seems certain the Government will support the off-shoring of NSW Public Service jobs.

But this fight isn’t over!

The PSA met with members at PSA house on Tuesday afternoon following the meeting with management. Members resolved to oppose the privatisation and off-shoring of their jobs.

The PSA will shortly arrange more meetings for members in Parramatta and McKell. At these meeting the PSA will put forward a range of actions for members to consider as part of a strategy to fight this privatisation.

One action we urge members to take part in is our community doorknock this Saturday in Strathfield. Join other PSA members from across the public sector in speaking to voters about the impact of the Baird Government’s agenda of privatisation and job cuts. Your job is as important as every other job threatened by this Government – click here to sign up and tell your story to the community.

Further details of meeting with management

In addition to news that off-shoring is intended to be part of this privatisation, the PSA can report back the following to members:

  • It is possible that the private providers will hire more than 5% of ServiceFirst Staff based on their recognition of their skills and expertise.
  • The PSA emphasised that 5% is an appallingly low number – the Government should insist on a greater number of jobs being offered should any privatisation go ahead.
  • It was confirmed that there will be no compulsory transfers to the private companies.
    The PSA insisted that options such as early priority assessment and/or job swaps should form part of any strategy to minimise the number of jobs lost.
  • The PSA argued that any employee who accepts a job with one of the private providers should retain access to redundancy entitlements beyond the 12 month period for which their salary and conditions will be maintained.
  • It is likely that a contract management office will remain in the public service (up to 20 jobs), the PSA will seek commitment that these positions will be filled by ServiceFirst staff in the first instance.

The PSA also provided a list of questions to management which will be responded to in writing. We will update you on these as soon as we receive a reply.

Stay tuned for more details of members meetings near you.

Remember to sign up to our community doorknock this Saturday to take your story to the community.

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