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ServiceFirst members bulletin

Service First members bulletin 17 March 2015 (PDF version)

Our fight to stop the privatisation of ServiceFirst is rapidly gaining support.

Last week over 1,100 people signed a community run petition calling on the NSW Opposition to oppose the privatisation.

On Friday 13 March, PSA General Secretary Anne Gardiner presented the petition to the Opposition Minister for Finance and Services, Peter Primrose in front of a crowd of PSA members, their families and local business owners.

See a photo HERE.

The Opposition responded and announced publically over the weekend that, if elected, they would stop the privatisation and review all MOUs and contracts entered into.

Read the story in The Sydney Morning Herald HERE

The petition shows that the community is standing with you in your fight the save ServiceFirst jobs and that people do not support privatisation, whether it is disability services, poles and wires or valuable internal services like HR, ICT, and finance.

You have shown when people are active and take a stand, politicians will pay attention.

What’s the next step?

Members have shown they are prepared to stand together in opposition to these plans.

Further meetings are being held this week to talk about what specific actions can take implemented to ensure job retention in NSW.

Member meetings have been arranged at:

  • McKell Building, Rawson Place Sydney, Wednesday 18 March 2015, 12 – 2pm
  • Unions NSW, Level 2, Whitlam Building, Wentworth Ave Parramatta, Thursday 19 March 2015, 12 – 1.00pm

Non-members are welcome to attend and PSA membership applications forms will be available at the door.

Please come to one of these meetings and make sure your voice is heard.

Outside of the workplace you can take up the fight in the community as well.

To get involved in the PSA’s Doorknock Campaign click HERE

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