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Service NSW Award Review

Service NSW Award Review 8 April 2015 (PDF version)

As you may be aware, the current Service NSW award expires on 30 June 2015.

The PSA met with Service NSW management on Wednesday 25 March to begin official negotiations on the Service NSW (Salaries and Conditions) Employees Award.

A number of issues were discussed at this first meeting, including:

  • Wage claim

The PSA’s submission for a 2.5% wage rise has been agreed to. This is consistent with other public sector workers, and has progressed to the Wages Taskforce for approval. We will keep members posted on progress.

  • Uniform allowance

Service NSW staff should have access to a uniform allowance in line with other public sector workers covered under the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Award 2009.

This allowance covers the laundering of uniforms which are required to be worn. Service NSW do not want to include the allowance in the award.

  • Flexible working hours for office staff

A Flexible Working Hours scheme for front office staff. Whilst Service NSW is open to the idea, no agreement has been struck.

The PSA is committed to representing YOUR concerns throughout the negotiations.

In order to ensure the issues that affect YOU in your workplace are discussed and negotiated we need your ACTIVE support, feedback and involvement.

You can assist in ensuring the BEST outcome by:

  • Letting us know what your workplace issues are, or how we can support you
  • Becoming a workplace “contact” for your workgroup
  • Becoming a PSA Bargaining Representative and attending award negotiations with PSA Industrial Advocates
  • Requesting a visit from the PSA to your workplace and organise a meeting
  • Encourage your colleagues to join the PSA – a strong, active and representative union is the BEST way to ensure a good outcome for ALL staff.

If you are interested in providing your feedback, becoming a workplace contact, or expressing an interest in helping negotiations by becoming a PSA Bargaining Representative, please email your union at .

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