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Sheriff’s Officer bulletin – National Medal for Sheriff’s Officers

Sheriff’s Officers bulletin – 14 August 2015 (PDF version)


Australia’s most awarded civilian medal , the National Medal was established in 1975 as one of the first three elements of the Australian honours system. The award recognises long service in approved organisations that protect life and property, at some risk to their members.

When the medal was first introduced it recognised 15 years of diligent service by members of the Australian Defence Force, Australian police forces, and fire and ambulance services.

In 1982, eligibility changed progressively expanding in recent years to include NSW Sheriff’s Officers.
Many, but not all, eligible groups are uniformed. Fifteen years’ service is required to qualify, with Clasps available for each additional 10 years’ service.

The Governor-General awards the National Medal with nominations made by the chief officer of the nominee’s organisation. The chief officer also administers the medal for the organisation.

Sheriff’s Officer nominations

Eighty-four Sheriff’s Officers’ applications for the National Medal, First Clasps and Second Clasps have been submitted to the Department for approval.

The PSA and your delegates have been requesting information (on behalf of members) on the status of the above applications for a very long time.

At the Justice Peak Consultative Committee in June this year, this matter was once again raised. The Secretary of the Department of Justice advised he had delegated his authority as chief officer for the administration of the National Medals to the Deputy Secretary, Courts and Tribunal Services.


The PSA and your delegates are pleased to advise persistent representation has resulted in a positive outcome.

The Department has advised the 84 applications have been approved and forwarded to the Registrar of National Medals.

The next process will be for the Registrar to check the schedules and, if all requirements are met, the Governor-General’s final approval will be sought.

This is a great result for members and emphasises the constant work on your behalf undertaken by your delegates.

What next?

When the Governor-General’s approval is given, the medals will be engraved and sent to the Department for distribution to the relevant recipients.

This process can take up to eight weeks.

If you require any further information, please contact the NSW Sheriff at

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