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Significant win for casuals

The PSA has achieved another significant win – eligible MAAS casual employees will again be paid for this single pay period.

Last Friday, we wrote to management requesting casuals be kept engaged and employed.

While we still need to review the detail, we welcome the decision as a step in the right direction.

While this payment is short-term relief, we understand this is a stressful period for many employees, especially casuals.

As a casual, many of you have loyally served MAAS and the NSW Government for up to 20 years. We believe you deserve a commitment from MAAS that you will be paid continuously over the COVID-19 period. We believe it is not appropriate to send you to the Centrelink queue. As you will be aware, NSW Government agencies are not entitled to the JobKeeper payments. 

We believe it is time MAAS commits to you, its valuable casual employee.

The PSA is calling on MAAS management and the NSW Government – commit to paying long-term casuals until they are redeployed.

The PSA is calling on the NSW Government – do not add a single casual to the Centrelink queue, and assist the MAAS in keeping its workers employed.

We believe the best way MAAS management can show you are a valued employee, is to keep you just that – employed.

Join the PSA

The PSA is in YOUR corner. We will never stop advocating to keep you engaged and employed. Forward this email to a colleague and tell them to join today at

If you have an issue surrounding the casual support payment, please contact a PSA Delegate, or contact the PSA.

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