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Social Housing Management Transfer (SHMT)

Social Housing Management Transfer (SHMT) – July 2017 (PDF version)

PSA consults with FACS promoting public sector employment for our members

Since the NSW Government announced last October it was transferring of up to 35 per cent of public social housing into the hands of private/community housing providers, the PSA has actively engaged in consultation with FACS over the implementation.

We know our members in the four impacted districts stand to lose public sector job security and face an uncertain future work environment under not-yet-determined private/community housing providers.

The PSA insisted on a change management plan to navigate the process of transferring tenancy, access-and-demand services and project/support functions from Housing Services NSW to the non-government sector. This plan has formed the basis for ongoing consultation.

What the PSA is doing now…

SHMT Working Group

Until the tender process is complete and new providers are finalised (now proposed to be end of October), the PSA will not know the details of who the new providers are or what ‘comparable roles’ they will have to offer our members in each location.

Once the new providers are established, the agreement dictates they work with FACS to identify ‘comparable roles’ within their new structures and co-design a process where impacted Housing Services employees, identified as having a ‘comparable role’, will be given the opportunity to express interest in it.

Before that time, the PSA is engaged in regular monthly consultations with the department through the SHMT working group, which includes FACS HR and District Directors.

This group currently provides updates on the management of vacancies prior to the transfer and on the uptake of FACS-funded training, available to affected employees.

It is unlikely transfers will actually commence before late 2017 and it will be a staged process though to mid-2020.

The PSA will regularly update members as more information becomes available.

What you can do now…


The PSA encourages affected members who are interested in current housing services vacancies in an un impacted area to apply now, prior to the transfer.

Training and certifications

Securing training and professional development opportunities are an important part of supporting staff through a significant change such as the privatisation of public housing.

One positive outcome for affected staff would be to access the SHMT training funding. This funding can be applied to almost any training you wish to do.

The PSA strongly recommends impacted members take full advantage of the FACS training funding, by applying for FACS to pay for courses you are interested in. So far, a number of employees have had their applications approved for a range of certificate courses through to undergraduate degrees (reviewed annually).

PSA Staff

Kris Cruden – Industrial Manager

Siobhan Callinan – Senior Organiser

Katy Ambler – Industrial Officer

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