South Western Sydney Community Services Hours survey results - Public Service Association

South Western Sydney Community Services Hours survey results

South Western Sydney Community Services – Hours Survey – March 2016 (PDF version)

Recently the PSA surveyed members about their flex-time and overtime hours across South Western Sydney Community Services workplaces.

Thank you to the 110 members who participated in the Hours Survey, which provided important feedback for the PSA. The main respondents were Case Workers at 68. The rest were Administrative and Management staff with more than
60 percent directly working in South Western Sydney District.

The survey results confirmed to us that almost 80 percent of respondents are forfeiting large numbers of hours each fortnight over and above the 14-hour flex rollover amount.

More than 85 percent of those regularly working over 154 hours per flex period have not had their manager discuss this with them.

More than 65 percent felt pressure to work more hours each fortnight.

In the past six months alone, 73 percent of survey respondents have worked more than nine consecutive hours without overtime payment.

Your delegates and PSA representatives will be engaging with SWS management to work through these workload issues.

The hours survey is now being rolled out across other Community Service Districts, and will provide us with more specific data around the issue of workload and excessive working hours which can have serious WHS implications.

The PSA will work closely with delegates in developing “know your rights” fact sheet information around employee entitlements to flex-time and overtime provisions and workload issues. We also refer members to the Workload planner tool

Which we encourage members to use.

Contact your SWS District Delegates HERE

If you have any questions about this bulletin please contact Vivette Horrex and or email

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