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Special Constables member bulletin

Special Constables member bulletin – July 2018 (PDF version)

Assistant Commissioner Agrees to Review of Special Constables Role Descriptions

Special Constable Delegates and staff of the PSA held a meeting on 2 July 2018 with Assistant Commissioner Kyle Steward to discuss members’ concerns with the recently published role descriptions. The meeting was arranged following the lifting of work bans on 18 June. The bans had been implemented over a period of 10 days in protest at the publication of inadequate role descriptions for Special Constables which failed to reflect the duties and responsibilities of the positions.

Delegates felt that the meeting was very positive. The Police Force have agreed to a process where the role descriptions will be reviewed by SMU Management in consultation with HR and members. Once completed, the revised role descriptions will be re-evaluated. In the event that the evaluation justifies it, the PSA will insist on upgrading the positions.

AC Stewart advised that the Commander SMU would be conducting a functional review of the command with a view to defining, updating taskings and procedures. Superintendent Beattie, Commander SMU, reported that he is seeking an enhanced swearing in ceremony for Special Constables.

He also advised that the SMU was in discussions with Education and Training regarding providing recognition of training as a Nation Certificate IV course. He reported that he was also investigating options to develop the SMU’s services.

The PSA was invited to make a submission regarding our concerns about the role descriptions, after which a meeting would be convened to commence the review process.

Members can be proud that the recent display of resolve and unity has put the union in a strong position to pursue our claims for proper recognition of the vital role played by Special Constables in the work of the NSW Police Force. Thanks to your efforts, the prospects of an enhanced role and better remuneration for Special Constables have never been better.

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