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State Sentence Administration Changes

Thank you to all the members who have contacted the PSA regarding SSA in the last week. After the PSA wrote to the Department regarding the lack of consultation around the changes, on 3 August 2022, the PSA met with the Department. The Department advised that there had been consultation at the local level with staff. Nevertheless, consultation with management through your union is also required. A copy of what was presented to the PSA on 3 August can be found HERE. .

At this stage, there will be no job losses and some of the benefits PSA delegates have identified so far regarding the changes include:

  • The new system provides a continuous flow of work and staffing coverage across the board for SSA and correctional centres.
  • Allowing staff to move laterally amongst other centres when staffing levels are low without physically having to be at a particular centre (since SSA now has the ability to Work From Home), which minimises WHS/risks associated with traveling (we note that the SSA is predominantly female).
  • Potentially more scope for managers to approve flexible working arrangements such as part time work.
  • Allowing staggered start/finish times, this benefits both the agency and members. Not all staff have to stay until all court results have been received, only “skeleton” staff are required. For example, this might include a roster rotating 1-2 members to finish later and for the smaller centres work can be passed or absorbed into other centres where there are more staff (i.e. the last 2-3 hours while waiting for court results can be absorbed by other SSA teams).

The PSA welcomes further member feedback on the issue. Please provide any comments or questions by Wednesday 10 August 2022.

DC Delegate Contacts

David Gould – DC Chair

Stewart Burkitt – DC Secretary

PSA Industrial Staff

Chris Auld – Organiser

Monika Wunderlin – Industrial Officer

For assistance with any individual matter, please contact the Member Support Centre in the first instance

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