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Stimulus package – recruitment; role descriptions and Expressions of Interest

Stimulus Package - Feb 2021 (PDF version)

The PSA has concerns in relation to how recruitment of new roles is taking place for the stimulus package. Advice to hand is that some classifications that are still in existence as part of the Award are not being utilised in the recruitment for new roles. Specifically, this is in relation to roles supporting stimulus package projects.

Currently the Department is using a generic Administrative Support Officer 3/4 role description to fill a specialist role to support project work. The role includes an expectation that applicants have experience in management and large data bases; be able to provide technical support and should have a degree qualification to be successful in the role (and by inference the recruitment process). Clearly, such a role falls under the Project/Research Officer Classification.

Projects Officers requiring the support of additional staff for specialist roles should be utilising the Project/Research Officer classification consistent with the Crown Employees (National Parks and Wildlife Service Awards) 2015 and as stated in Annexure 2 of the Award. However, this does not appear to be the case.

Further to this, some members have raised concerns in relation to how Expressions of Interest (EOIs) have been distributed to staff and their timeframes. It would appear that both lack consistency and are not equitable across the Branches. We will be advising the Department that wherever possible ALL staff should be advised of EOIs across the state to ensure there is consistency in relation to timeframes.

Members are encouraged to continue to advise the PSA of any issues in relation to the appropriateness of role requirements (as indicated in the EOI) to roles offered; the distribution of EOIs equitably across the Branches and timeframes for responding to them.

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